Reasons 8.-10.


    8. Not Everyone Is Perfect, But Not Everyone Needs To Know That Either
    There are many companies out there that have blemishes that have been swept under the rug, and the same goes for careers for individuals that have had a less than desirable history in the media. It is clear that not everyone is perfect. Companies and individuals make many mistakes. What is important is that not all of these mistakes are made common knowledge. With reputation management, you control the buzz on the error before the buzz becomes a catastrophic error snowballing into a domino effect of cataclysmic results

    9. Climbing Your Way Up From Your Bottomed Out Reputation Is A Hard Ladder To Climb
    How many times have we all seen it a celebrity or business has bottomed out because the media got a hold of information that was damaging. A reputation is all you have in the public’s eye. Any spot on it and it is immediately noticed therefore it is critical to have the upkeep and maintenance provided by reputation management. Without having the ability to filter what is being said in blogs on the Internet and social media sites in settings you run the risk of having a bad word of mouth push you all the way down The runs on that letter of success. Climbing back up is not so easy, because once you have a bad reputation, it is tough to change that view that others have of you. With reputation management, if something has been said, damage control can be initiated before any permanent damage is done.

    10. Not All Advertising Is Good Advertising.
    The old saying goes that bad advertising is still advertising, but that adage needs to be changed. With today’s advancements in society and everyone linked in, it is detrimental to have any negative publicity whether it be for a business or individual. In the times before this advancement in technology, it wasn’t essential to have a spotless reputation. Firms that were in place to keep other businesses in line such as the Better Business Bureau and consumer advocates, by the time you found out a company or person was shady it was already way too late. There was nothing to give you a heads up as there is with today’s network of information that is available to any and all who wish to find it.