10 Reasons to Have RM

When people think of reputation management, often it’s celebrities and the experiences they have had with the media and paparazzi that come to mind. Everyone has seen the tabloids, the minute that something gets misconstrued is when damage control needs to be exercised. Everyone can remember a time reading the rag mags, the tabloids and looking at the shame and humiliation a person felt because the information was put out to the public that cast them in a negative light. Alec Baldwin, Mel Gibson, just to name a few, are celebrities that we remember that would have benefited from some reputation management. Playing the game telephone from when we were younger, we learn that things can be very easily mistaken from what was said. With that being noted, this is how reputation management can be beneficial and stop a buzz before one even starts to hum.

The top ten reasons to have reputation management.

    1. Your Business Is Your Business
    When someone owns a business, it is an investment. It is also often a reflection of themselves. Bad public relations and bad publicity can have a negative effect on the business and the people who work there. That is why it is important to utilize and maintain reputation management. Should there be any negative feedback or commentary found on the business or an employee working at the facility it could have a less than desirable fact on how profitable and fruitful the business will be
    A side note for businesses that may have reputation management for their business it is also important to note that what your executives and employees may be doing can’t affect your company. Reputation management is critical all the way across the board for each employee so that no negative association can be correlated.

    2. News Travels Fast And Bad News Travels Faster
    We’ve all seen how quick a tweet or a Facebook post can cause pandemonium, and it doesn’t even have to be true. For some reason, the adage bad news travels faster would be correct. Media sensationalizes stories that without being sensationalize may not have the same hooked and reeled in effect that they achieve. It would appear that no one wants to hear when things are going good, but everyone dishes on the bad. Bad press, that publicity is never good business.

    3. When Someone Exploits A Flaw You Can Make It A Strength
    When something or someone has exposed a flaw or shortcoming of the company or individual, it can be made a strength if it is handled in the right manner.
    Here is where it can be handy to have reputation management. So your company’s not perfect, and no company out there is, or you as a person are not perfect, and someone decided to air out all your dirty laundry. There are two ways that this event can be handled, you can become very agitated about the exposure of a less than desirable fact. Or use that less than desirable fact as an advantage and gain the upper hand by acknowledging the flaw or the weakness and gaining the confidence of the media that the issue will be worked on to be resolved to the best of its ability.