Reputation Management


Reputation Management Who Has It, Who Needs It?

Reputation management is essential to any successful business or high profiled individual. Today’s ability to get news, whether it is sensationalized or straight facts are unlimited. You have every type of electronic device that can connect to the Internet and within seconds, you have the latest dish on your subject searched. Word of mouth travels fast, but word on the Internet moves quicker and reaches an audience that varies in demographics all done simultaneously. This ease of being able to become privy to the latest trends, gossip, and breaking news makes it essential that reputation management is used effectively and efficiently. Order online reputation management for business to avoid negative discussions and comments around your brand.

What is reputation management?

Reputation management is in short “personal PR”. What that translates into is someone who maintains their interactions and appearances about their involvement with the general public. There have been numerous times when bad PR (public relations) has landed a celebrity or business in the hot seat; it is then paramount to do damage control to their reputation immediately. Inflammatory statements and rude behaviors can bury a business. Rating sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp are where many people browse to see if a company is rated favorably before going to that store, restaurant, beauty salon, etc. Reputation management has to be exercised here, especially to be proactive toward any possible adverse publicity or feedback.

There are many ways that reputation management is achieved. Since most businesses are pulled up through search engines like Yahoo and Google, the easiest way to maintain reputation management is by using software that is specialized in recognizing keywords that could show a negative outlook on your business or personal life. When doing a search through an online search engine for businesses or people often any negative feedback about a company or person will be the first thing to populate, and thus, the first thing that is read.

Strive to optimize your advertising in the search engines. Once you have optimized your ranking in the search engines, you will see how quickly and how easily search results for your company or your personal profile is coming up. If you see that there are negative or derogatory comments that are also associated, do your best to correct that information. Also, make sure to search your company’s name or your name thoroughly and see if there are any other brands businesses or individuals associated with the name you are searching.

When an individual is getting a result from a search engine, essentially it is the first three sentences that are going to form the opinion on whether or not that person will click on the ad for that listing. You want to have to advertise at the first top 10 spots if possible, but more importantly, you need to have those first three sentences an active introduction to who you are or what your company is.

For those who are not computer savvy, some firms specialize in the field of reputation management. For minimal cost, you can have someone maintain search engines, social media sites in general, feedback sites like Yelp and Who’s Who registers, and other venues used to promote word-of-mouth advertising and make sure that no negative publicity or feedback has occurred. When there may be an occurrence of such feedback or publicity, these firms are skilled in having the negative commentary removed as quickly as it was put up.